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Refund Information

Learn more about refunds.


What happens if I stop attending or withdraw from a class?

The Government may recalculate your financial aid due to lack of class attendance or withdrawal. You could have your financial aid removed from your student account. This could result in a balance due to HACC.
You may experience financial holds if you owe a balance to HACC. These holds can prevent you from:

  • Registering for classes
  • Receiving your grades
  • Getting copies of your transcript

When will I receive my financial aid refund?

Spring 2020

Feb. 24, 2020

Initial spring financial aid disbursements start for continuing borrowers*

March 5, 2020

Initial disbursement refunds received***

March 19, 2020

2nd disbursement for single-semester spring-only loans*

March 20, 2020

2nd disbursement refunds received for spring-only loans**


HACC applies financial aid to your bill approximately 30 days after the semester starts. HACC must verify your enrollment before we apply your financial award to your bill.

 There are certain processes for different course times. If your course starts later in the term:

Any grants designated for the late-starting course will pay after you have started the course.

Your Federal Direct Stafford Loan will pay after you have started your sixth credit.

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Summer 2020

June 4, 2020

Initial summer financial aid disbursements start for continuing borrowers*

June 30, 2020

Initial disbursement refunds received***

July 1, 2020

2nd disbursement for single-semester summer-only loans*

July 9, 2020

2nd disbursement refunds received for summer-only loans**

* Students receiving a loan for only one semester will receive 50% of the loan amount at the initial disbursement and the 2nd 50% as noted.
** For first time loan borrowers, disbursement is 30 days after start of term
*** Contact your Welcome Center if you do not receive your refund by the specified date.
**** Please do not contact HACC prior to date noted above to ask about your financial aid refund. This slows the refund process.


How can I check my refund status with BankMobile?

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select "Refund Status & History" in the sub-menu listed under the "Refunds" tab.

You can sign up for mobile text alerts to notify you when HACC disperses your refund. BankMobile will use your selected refund preference to disperse your refund.


What is the refund process?

  • It takes about 10 business days for HACC to issue refunds to BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank.
  • You may see your financial aid and refund disbursement transactions on your HACC account. This does not guarantee the refund process is complete.
  • HACC processes financial transactions behind the scenes. We generate the refund file to send to BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank.
  • If you choose to have your financial aid refund deposited to an existing bank account, it typically takes 1-2 business days for the receiving bank to credit the money to your account. If you open a BankMobile Vibe checking account (upon identity verification), money is deposited the same business day BankMobile receives funds from your school.